Succeed.com is a premier higher education marketing and consulting firm with services ranging from admissions and scholarships to professional training and development. Succeed.com is committed to helping international students and professionals achieve their dreams of studying and working in the United States, and seeks opportunities for American students and professionals abroad. Succeed.com has counseled hundreds of clients from more than 60 countries using our unique connection-based approach.



Due to conditions created by the 2020 pandemic, international students and professionals are poorly prepared for the new educational and professional environments created by the pandemic in the United States. With universities and employers seeking students and employees with outstanding skills and the ability to adapt quickly and succeed in a hybrid or fully remote work environment, students and professionals are at a high risk of losing access to admissions, scholarships, and professional opportunities largely due to a lack of trusted informational resources. Succeed.com's mission is to provide training and guidance to students and professionals, both in the United States and around the world, with one mission in mind – achieving success through access to trusted informational resources.


Succeed.com aims to increase the number of admissions, scholarships, and professional opportunities available to international students and professionals in the United States and seeks to help American students in their quest for educational and professional opportunities abroad. Succeed.com provides training and course materials with a goal to make working in the United States and abroad more equitable and inclusive. Additionally, Succeed.com provides economic opportunities for every member of our club. 

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